Friday, April 8, 2011

Venice Garden & Home Tour May 7

The Venice Garden & Home show will feature thirty gardens and homes “showcasing the unique vision and creativity of the homeowners, architects, and landscape designers inspired by the Venice Beach lifestyle.”  This year, and each year is different, will feature Venice walk streets and the Coeur d’Alene neighborhood.  Gardens open at 10 am and close approximately 5 pm.

Here is what the Venice Garden & Home Tour has to say about the event. 

"This annual self-guided walking tour will feature 30 gardens and homes in the charming, secluded Walk Streets neighborhood and streets south of Venice Boulevard. The tour is a showcase of how architects, landscape designers, and homeowners have crafted gardens and homes to make lovely living oases. These private spaces, sequestered behind carved wooden doors, contemporary metal gates and imaginative fences, are open to the public this one day of every year when tour-goers can walk the streets, meet and enjoy the community, and be inspired by the inventive design, surprising spirit and whimsy that is uniquely Venice.

The Walk Streets through tranquil neighborhoods where the homes face one another are actually pedestrian paths that bring people together. When Venice was being developed, workers lived in modest bungalows that later became summer beach homes for Angelinos; many of the remaining old bungalows are reworked now to meet today’s standards and tastes, and sit side by side sleek contemporary cubes. Local architects Barbara Bestor, Tom Carson, Talbot McLanahan, Tim Petersen and Robert Thibodeau, along with local landscape designers such as Jay Griffith, Pamela Burton, Naomi Sanders and Di Zock, have influenced the constantly evolving development of these distinctive neighborhoods.

The gardens and homes on this tour exemplify the Venice creative energy, the homeowner’s love of living inside or outside with nature, the use of lanterns or crystal chandeliers found hanging from trees, cleverly placed antique neon signs or sculptures in just the right places to enhance gardens. In this rustic enclave, rooftop gardens and solar panels have popped up into the trees, and tiny vegetable gardens thrive next to shady children’s play yards.

Now in its 18th year, the Venice Garden and Home Tour is the much anticipated annual fundraising event that draws visitors from all over California. The tour gives financial support for NYA’s Las Doradas Children’s Center, a licensed child care facility that provides full-time, education-based child care to low-income working families."

Ticketing & Contact Information

Tickets are $60 in advance , $70 at the door.  Children under 12 are admitted free.  All proceeds go to the Las Doradas Children’s Center, 804 Broadway Ave.  Tickets are tax deductible.   Contact Barbara Bauman at 310-821-1857 or Barbara at  Also contact Barbara if you want to be a docent.

To purchase tickets or learn more about the event please visit:
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